Massimo Ingrassia

University of Messina

Massimo Ingrassia, PsyD, is an associate professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Messina, Italy, where he was the vice chair of the Sicilian Specialization School for High School Teachers. He teaches graduate and postgraduate courses in health and clinical psychology. His research interests are in the areas of risk behaviors in adolescence and emerging adulthood, digital technology and Internet problematic use, and learning disabilities. Dr. Ingrassia was a scientific advisor in projects to implement health services for families in pediatric palliative care. With Loredana Benedetto, he was the author of Parenting (Rome, Carocci, 2010) and coauthor of Growing Connected: Web’s Resources and Pitfalls (Crescere connessi: risorse e insidie del web; Parma, Edizioni Junior, 2017).

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