Tatiana Morosuk

Technical University of Berlin

Professor Tatiana Morosuk (Tetyana Morozyuk) is the head of the department 'Exergy-Based Methods for Refrigeration Systems” (since 2013) and the director of the Institute for Energy Engineering (since 2021) at TU Berlin, Germany. Her research focuses on the development and applications of exergy-based methods to improve the thermodynamic, economic, and environmental performance of power generation systems, refrigeration/cryogenic systems, and energy-intensive chemical plants, including the energy storage systems and the hydrogen supply chain. She published 8 books and more than 400 research papers. Tatiana Morosuk is the first female recipient of the James Harry Potter Gold Medal from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for outstanding and innovative contributions to the science of theoretical and applied thermodynamics. Since July 2022, she is the Dual Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Energy Resources Technology (ASME).

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Low-temperature technologies include the area of refrigeration and cryogenics. Since the beginning of theoretical developments and practical application, these technologies become a part of our life. Low temperatures have found application in almost all branches of industries as well as in households. These systems can be of very small capacity (few watts) up to hundreds of megawatts. In order to develop any of the technologies for successful practical application, very intensive theoretical and experimental research should be conducted. This book provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of the latest developments, perspectives, and feasibility of new low-temperature technologies and improvements of existing systems, equipment, and evaluation methods.

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