Ramón Eduardo Rebolledo Ranz

University of La Frontera

Ramón Eduardo Rebolledo Ranz is a Doctor of agricultural engineering. Since 1986, he has been a professor of agricultural entomology, environmental entomology, and beekeeping at the University of La Frontera Temuco, Chile (both at the undergraduate and graduate level). He has directed more than 80 theses in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. He has participated in 15 research projects and presented more than one hundred works in scientific congresses of entomology, beekeeping and environmental sciences both inside and outside of Chile. He has authored 85 scientific articles in national and international magazines, one book, five book chapters, and has edited two books. He organizes national and international congresses, and is a lecturer at regional, national, and international levels. He is also a scientific advisor to the National Beekeeping Network of Chile. He is a president of different scientific and union organizations in Chile.

2books edited

3chapters authored

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This book comes to fill a void in beekeeping research worldwide since it addresses a series of issues of great contingency such as the problem and control of varroa, the management of the American foulbrood, management of hives to perform an adequate transhumance, and the way of handling Brazilian beekeeping.It is a text that is aimed at scientists, producers, undergraduate and graduate students, companies, and the general public who handle hives at a professional or amateur level that have from one to many hives.The book corresponds to the authors' experience of many years who with their contributions will improve the productive activity of beekeeping in the world concert.

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