Yi-Pin Chang

Tulane University United States of America

Dr. Yi-Ping Li’s research, continuously sponsored by the NIH for 27 years, covers a large scope of topics, including bone biology, musculoskeletal diseases, immune disorders, skeletal and craniofacial development, oral diseases, inflammatory diseases, tumorigenesis, and cancer bone metastasis. These varied research interests have proven to be synergistic as there are overlapping themes and techniques. Dr. Li was one of the first scientists to apply molecular biology approaches to the study of osteoclasts. Dr. Li’s work resulted in the publication of a number of seminal papers on the cloning and characterization of the genes that are essential to osteoclast function or differentiation, including Cathepsin K, ATP6i, RGS10A, C/EBPα, and Gα13. Dr. Li’s work has also resulted in the awarding of 6 patents. Dr. Li’s lab has a long history of experience using animal models to study the pathogenesis of human diseases. Dr. Yi-Ping Li has published many papers in high quality, peer-reviewed journals, such as Nature Genetics; Nature Communications; Genes & Development; PNAS; Journal of Cell Science; Development; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Journal of Immunology; Journal of Bone and Mineral Research; Molecular Endocrinology; Developmental Biology; Journal of Pathology; Human Molecular Genetics; Nucleic Acids Research and PLOS Genetics.

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