Wenyong Tan

Southern Medical UniversityChina

Prof. Wenyong Tan, has been a clinical oncologist for 20 years, and he was the director of the Department of Oncology, Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital. His focus is on radiation and medical oncology for cancer patients. Prof. Tan is mainly devoted to the research and clinical practice of lung cancer, breast cancer as well as the head and neck cancer. The research and clinical treatment of anti-cancer associated to cardiac toxicities is one of the topics he is most interested in. He has published more than 30 academic papers in collaboration with co-authors and 7 international meeting abstracts .

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Cardiotoxicity may be caused by radiotherapy and/or anticancer agents for many malignancies, adverse effects of some drugs in the context of medical intervention or heavy metal intake, especially during the anticancer therapy. This book intends to bring forward the recent development in toxicities from cancer treatment. It updates the possible mechanisms of cardiotoxicities of some anticancer agents and the suggested prevention and treatment strategies. This book contains many valuable contributions from the researchers in oncology and cardiology as well as the clinicians who are experts in this field.

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