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Antonella Borreca is a molecular biologist specialized in the field of neuroscience. She received a master degree in Biology at University of Naples and immediately after a PhD in Neuroscience. During her PhD she specialized in Neurogenetic aiming to identify new gene or new mutation in neurodegenerative disease. Then she moved in Belgium for a post doc and she specialized in molecular neuroscience, studying molecular mechanism of Fragile X Syndrome. She then returned back to Italy where she improved her career and expertise within behavioural field. Thanks to her expertise she is able to deeply analyze different aspects of neuroscience field. She participated in different international meetings and collaborated with group in Rome but also Milan, USA, etc. Actually her research is focused on the molecular mechanism of APP expression in normal and pathological condition in AD mice model (Tg2576). In particular, she analyzed the role of RNA Binding Protein (RBPs) in the APP metabolism and their regulation in APP expression, since APP is found overexpressed in AD patient with Swedish mutation (Johnston et al., 1994) but also in sporadic cases (Vignini et al., 2014; Borreca et al., 2015). She has also observed an unbalance of two specific RBPs in the AD mice model and synaptosomes of AD sporadic patient: hnRNP C and FMRP (Borreca et al., 2015). She focused the research on the role of the protein synthesis machinery in the Alzheimer disease. In particular she analyzed the protein synthesis in the early phase of the pathology and distribution of APP mRNA on polysome fractionation as well as the role of some protein synthesis molecule in the Alzheimer pathology (Borreca et al., 2017 in preparation).

Antonella Borreca

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