Malek Maaza

University of South Africa

Prof. M. Maaza, holds a DESS in Solid State Physics from the University of Oran-Algeria, an MSC in Lasers & Photonics & a PhD in Quantum wave matter Optics from the University of Pierre-Marie Curie& the Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique respectively. He is currently a permanent joint staff member of the National Research Foundation of South Africa (NRF) and the University of South Africa (UNISA). Prof. Maaza is the current UNESCO UNISA Africa Chair in Nanosciences & Nanotechnology via a trilateral partnership between UNESCO, NRF and the University of South Africa (UNISA). Among other positions held, he was the Southern Africa representative of the International Commission of Optics, He is the chair of the ICTP/AU supported official Nanosciences African Network. He is a fellow of the African European Academy of Sciences, Royal Society of Chemistry, New York Academy ofSciences & the Islamic Academy of Sciences.Recently, ProfM. Maaza has been elected as Fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Sciences. His expertise is in the multidisciplinary field of nanosciences, photonics and solar energy. Prof. M. Maaza has published more than 300 ISI International publications and supervised several postgraduates from all over Africa & the South.

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A charged particle is a particle that carries an electric charge and can be discussed in many aspects. This book focuses on cutting-edge and important research topics such as flavor physics to search for new physics via charged particles that appear in different extensions of the standard model, as well as the analysis of ultra-high energy muons using the pair-meter technique. Also included in this book are the idea of the Eloisatron to PeVatron, the important research field of electrostatic waves in magnetized electron/positron plasmas, and the application of charge bodies.

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