Jan Skvaril

Mälardalen University Sweden

Jan Skvaril an assistant professor in the Future Energy Center at Mälardalen University, Sweden. He holds Ph.D. degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Mälardalen University and M.Sc. (Ing.) degree in Power Engineering and M.Sc. (Ing.) degree in Company Management and Economics, both from the Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic. His research is directed mainly on applied spectroscopy and research and development of optical sensors for characterization of solid and liquid materials, machine vision, real-time process monitoring, diagnostics, optimization and implementation of model predictive control concepts in large industrial applications. His research focus also includes combustion in large-scale biomass-fired steam boilers, particularly experimental techniques related to temperature and combustion gas distribution, experimental design and performance, multivariate data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence for chemometrics. He has authored several scientific papers on these topics, has presented at international conferences, and also lectures on Combustion and Flue Gas Cleaning Technology at the Mälardalen University.