Mircea Ruba

Technical University of Cluj Napoca

Dr. Mircea Ruba is currently a lecturer with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN), Department of Electrical Machines and Drives and is a member of CAREESD, being in charge of the Real-Time System Modelling and Testing Laboratory (RTsymLab). His scientific interests are focused on electric vehicle (EV) propulsion drives and on their real-time FPGA based simulation and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing. He has been a researcher in over 20 projects and in most he worked to develop electrical motors, power inverters, controllers and battery supply units for EVs. His skills in designing, simulation and controlling propulsion motors for EVs have been proved in a large number of publications, creating real-time (RT) FPGA based simulators for their realistic analysis and control. Investigation of LiIon battery identification, simulation and testing was also a consistent research direction for Dr Ruba including patenting a novel, ultra-fast and efficient BMS. He invested several years and his PhD thesis in the study of fault tolerant machines, converters, and controllers outcome in many publications patenting a novel fault detection and compensation strategy and a modular fault tolerant motor design. His patents were awarded in 13 international exhibitions, his publications were cited in hundreds of papers, especially in 97 ISI journals and since 2018 he was invited to be an editor for “Devices and machines applied for electric mobility solutions” published by IntechOpen. He has published over 80 conference papers, 6 ISI journal papers, 4 books, and 6 patents (3 still pending)

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