Konstantinos Vogiatzis

University Of Thessaly Greece

Dr. KONSTANTINOS VOGIATZIS, Noise, Air Quality & Environmental Expert Degrees: 1. Rural and Surveying Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, July 1977. 2. Civil Engineering (Transportation planning), National Technical University of Athens, Dec. 1980. 3. \"Urban and Rural Planning\", Diplôme de Formation Interdisciplinaire en Aménagement et en Urbanisme (D.F.I.A.U.) Centre of Research in Urban Planning of Paris, November 1980. 4. PhD. in REGIONAL ANALYSIS AND RURAL PLANNING (Doctorat en Analyse Régionale et Aménagement du Territoire) OPTION: REGIONAL PLANNING. Université de Paris 1 PANTHEON-SORBONNE, January 1981. Dr. KONSTANTINOS VOGIATZIS is a Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Thessaly. He has more than 40 years’ experience in Environmental studies.The most important research interests focus on Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (noise, vibration, air quality, environmental legislation and literature, risk identification, Climate Change Adaptation), on the protection of the urban acoustic environment, transportation noise, with emphasis on air borne & ground borne noise & vibrations, Strategic Noise Mapping & Action Plans. Important interest is also given in the mass urban transportation networks i.e. Metro, Tram & High Speed Trains, as well as airport operation, urban and semi-urban road transportation infrastructure focusing on the integrated environmental & land use planning management. Prof. Vogiatzis is National Representative in Regulatory Noise Committee & Noise Committee Experts) on common noise assessment methods (CNOSSOS-EU), (article 6-2 of D. 2002/49/EC) and in CNOSSOS-EU Technical Committee: Member of WG 1: Quality Framework for determining: (a) geographical and exposure and risk assessment based scoping of strategic noise mapping; (b) availability and methods for collecting and checking input data and (c) accuracy of the overall assessment –WG2 Assessment component for Road Traffic Noise & WG 10 : Harmonized strategy for assigning noise levels in buildings.

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