Elaine Patterson

Founder and Director

Elaine is an international Master Executive Coach, Accredited Coaching Supervisor, and Writer and is also the Coaching Supervision Academy’s Director: Creative Development. Elaine’s passion is to bring the humanizing, energizing and creative powers of supervision’s conversational and reflective practices to leaders, people professionals and development practitioners everywhere for purposeful, compassionate, courageous and ethical practice. Elaine’s vision is to bring our sense of our shared humanity and what it means to be human to every role, work conversation, consulting room or Boardroom in order to help connect to what truly matters, to create anew in our times of continual change and challenge and to live and work with integrity in the world. Elaine uniquely focuses on both the practitioners’ own personal and professional development with the simultaneous human, cultural and strategic development of their teams, systems and organizations. Elaine blends her own impressive leadership experience of innovating and leading the creative implementation of deep system wide transformational change in highly politicized complex organizations with her specialist training in executive coaching, supervision, psychological mindedness, resilience, systems thinking, organizational development, adult learning and creativity. Clients appreciate her warm, open, freeing, and inspirational style. Elaine takes her inspiration from her love of the arts, history, meditation, writing, poetry, nature and nordic walking. Her practice is underpinned by her original MA peer reviewed research, which coined the phrase “Reflect to Create”. The research was a study into leaders experiences of reflection and reflective practices and is published in the journal of ‘Reflective Practice: International and Multidisciplinary Perspectives’.

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