Fahriye Altınay

Near East University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahriye Altınay completed a masters degree in the field of Educational Technology, Distance Education in Educational Sciences and a PhD degree in Educational Administration and Management at Near East University in 2008. Then, she completed another doctorate program in the field of Educational Technology at Middlesex University. She is teaching doctorate, graduate and undergraduate degree courses such as project management, human resources management, school experience; principles and methods of teaching; instructional technology and material development; introduction to educational sciences. Fahriye Altinay is the Chair of Educational Sciences Institute and the Chair of Societal Research and Development Center at Near East University. She is a member of academic journals and she has participated in many national and international books, publications and research projects.

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Latest work with IntechOpen by Fahriye Altınay

This book encapsulates four sections about open and equal access for learning in school management. The first section is related to school management and leadership. Second section of the book gives insight on school culture. Third section of the book underlines the importance of open learning. Latest section of the book covers the importance of equal acess and learning in curriculum, environment, gender, youth. I have a firm belief that authors can find great insights on open and equal access for learning from different reflections and researches of chapters.

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