Wael N. Hozzein

Beni-Suef University

Wael N. Hozzein is a professor of microbiology at the Faculty of Science, Beni-Suef University, Egypt. He received his Ph.D. from Cairo University, Egypt, then worked as a visiting scientist at Newcastle University, UK, Michigan State University, USA, and most recently as Bioproducts Research Chair at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. He has vast experience in bacterial taxonomy, microbial biodiversity, and biotechnological applications of bacteria. Prof. Hozzein has authored more than 180 publications and he is a guest editor, editorial board member and reviewer for several international journals. Recently he was included in the Stanford University list of the top 2 percent of the world’s most-cited scientists. He has been the principal investigator for several funded grants and has received several awards, including the State Encouragement Prize in Biological Sciences in 2015. Prof. Hozzein has been involved in many academic activities and educational reform projects and initiatives. He has recently been appointed an adviser to Nahda University’s President for Development, Research and Quality.

Wael N. Hozzein

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This book provides in-depth insights into the diversity of actinobacteria, their various medical aspects, and their biotechnological applications. It is aimed at graduate students and researchers working with actinobacteria who need to know about recent advances in their research fields. The book, which is divided into four sections, contains 13 chapters that review the most recent methods, discuss various applications of actinobacteria, introduce some interesting results, and explore future prospects for the topics covered.

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