James Owuoche

James Owuoche is a wheat breeder with vast experience in wheat, barley, and triticale. Dr. Owuoche holds BSc in Agriculture (Nairobi), MSc in Wheat Breeding (University of Alberta), and PhD from Kansas State University (US). He has previously worked at the Wheat Research Center (current KALRO) as a breeder and is interested in developing wheat and small grain cereals resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses with suitable traits for baking and industrial end-use qualities using both conventional and molecular breeding. Currently, Dr. Owuoche is a lecturer at Egerton University, Kenya and a reviewer with reputable international journals, and has supervised 12 MSc students and 5 PhD students and published over 20 papers in refereed journals. During this period of his career, he has contributed to the development and release of several wheat and sorghum varieties for baking and industrial use in Kenya.