Patricia Aranguren

University of Navarra Spain

Dr. Patricia Aranguren completed her PhD degree focused on thermoelectric generation applications in 2015 from the Mechanical, Energy and Materials Engineering Department, Public University of Navarre, Spain. Her research interests are heat transfer optimization and thermoelectricity. Dr. Patricia Aranguren is the recipient of the “Graduate Student Award” awarded by the International Thermoelectric Society as a recognition for her outstanding research trajectory in the thermoelectrics field. The International Thermoelectric Society has awarded Patricia on two more occasions with the “Best Contribution Award” during the celebration of the annual International Conferences on Thermoelectrics. Until now, she has published 13 publications in peer-reviewed international journals in the field, a chapter in one book and has participated in 23 contributions presented at international conferences. She is also serving as a reviewer for many international journals.

Patricia Aranguren

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The disproportionate use of fossil fuels has turned into a serious environmental issue. Thus, we are encountering one of the biggest challenges of the twenty-first century, satisfying the energy demand with respect to the environment. Thermoelectricity is an emerging technology, which contributes to reducing the impact of the use of traditional technologies, harvesting the waste heat, and eliminating the use of refrigerants. The book Bringing Thermoelectricity into Reality covers the current thermoelectric investigations: the study of novel thermoelectric materials, the development of computational models, the design of proper assemblies, and the optimization of thermal designs, as well as novel thermoelectric generators, coolers, and heating applications. This book looks for the definitive thermoelectric applications applied to everyday life.

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Bringing Thermoelectricity into Reality Edited by Patricia Aranguren

Bringing Thermoelectricity into Reality

Edited by Patricia Aranguren