Makiko Kondo

Okayama University

Dr. Makiko Kondo obtained her Bachelor of Education and Registered Nurse degrees from Tokushima University in 1989, her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Chiba University in 2000, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from Osaka Prefecture University in 2007. Currently, she is an associate professor at the Graduate School of Health Sciences in Okayama University. She teaches doctor’s course, master’s course (oncology certified nurse specialist), and undergraduate course. Her field of expertise is qualitative studies, and her research themes involve care for parents with cancer and their children, nurses’ grief care, conceptualization of clinical nursing competency, and bioethics and life review of Hansen’s disease survivor that had experienced extreme state.

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Empathy, a basic ability for understanding persons holistically, building supportive relationships, and listening attentively, includes being with suffering persons, healing, and inducing catharsis in them. Therefore, it is necessary within occupations supporting humans: education, clinical psychology, nursing, early childhood care, welfare, and medicine. Conversely, there are individual differences in empathy, and promoting its development is difficult. In this book, we use interdisciplinary approaches to empathy; for example, we discuss a new intervention, physical and cross-cultural understanding of empathy, development of empathy, and applications in general and professional education. The significance of this book is its evidence-based interdisciplinary perspective in understanding empathy.

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