Makiko Kondo

Okayama University

Dr. Makiko Kondo obtained Bachelor of Education and Registered Nurse degrees from Tokushima University in 1989, a Master of Science in Nursing from Chiba University in 2000, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from Osaka Prefecture University in 2007. Currently, she is Professor at Kagawa Prefectural University of Health Sciences, Japan. She teaches doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate courses. Her field of expertise is qualitative studies. Her research themes involve care for dying parents and their young children, nurses’ grief care, conceptualization of clinical nursing competency, medical ethics, and life review of a Hansen’s disease survivor who had experienced an extreme state.

Makiko Kondo

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Empathy, as it relates to behavioral counseling, is the ability of the counselor to get into the client’s phenomenological world and experience it as if it is one’s own while putting aside one’s own feelings and accepting the client’s thoughts and feelings unconditionally. Empathy is indispensable not only for forming good relationships but also for healing hurt persons. Especially now, empathy is the essence of care. This book contains chapters that cover transpersonal caring, learning to be empathic in social school, autism and psychopathy, emotional labor, and critical thinking in social work training from a variety of different perspectives.

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