David Walwyn

University of Pretoria South Africa

David Walwyn is a Professor (Engineering and Technology Management) in the Graduate School of Technology Management, Faculty of Engineering, University of Pretoria. His research interests cover innovation management, science policy, research management, performance management within research and technology organizations, renewable energy and health economics. He currently teaches research methodology and has previously presented courses on innovation management, covering the concept and application of national systems of innovation (NSI), funding and performance, measurement of research and development, and role/functions of actors within the NSI. He supervises at least 10 Masters students each year on the management of technology programme offered by the University of Pretoria, and has two PhD students. He has published widely in the area of research management, health sciences, performance indicators for research organisations and biotechnology (1 patent, 25 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 4 book chapters and 33 conference papers and presentations). Further details of his academic publications are available at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/David_Walwyn?ev=hdr_xprf. He has worked as both an academic and as a research manager in the private/public sector. His most significant contributions over the last ten years has been his work on the development of novel TB drugs and antiretrovirals, and his recent drafting of a review/revision of South Africa’s innovation policy. He runs a consultancy called Reseva (see www.reseva.co.za), which offers a range of techno-economic feasibility and policy services. His clients include technology transfer organisations at the universities, the Industrial Development Corporation, the National Council on Innovation, National Treasury, the Technology Innovation Agency and the CSIR.

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