Maria Jose Hernández-Serrano

University of Salamanca, Spain

Maria Jose Hernandez Serrano, DPhil, is a tenured lecturer in the Department of Theory and History of Education, University of Salamanca, Spain, where she currently teaches Teacher Education. She is interested in the analysis of cognitive and affective processes, along with the study of social contingencies affecting educational institutions and requiring new skills for educators. Her publications are mainly of the educational process mediated by technologies and digital competences. Her new research interest is on the transdisciplinary application of brain-based research to educational contexts and virtual environments, and the neuropedagogical implications of the technologies on the development of the brain in younger students. Dr. Serrano is currently the deputy director of Institutional and International Relationships in de School of Education, University of Salamanca.

Maria Jose Hernández-Serrano

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In the face of unprecedented disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid acceleration of digital technologies, it is necessary to rethink the competences required by teachers for meeting new and flexible learning demands. Teacher training is an area constantly evolving along with emerging social challenges that are transforming educational institutions and agents. This book provides teachers with skills, innovative solutions, cutting-edge studies, and methodologies to meet education and training system demands. In our changing world, preparing teachers worldwide for the challenges and shifts of this era involves the opportunity to exchange theories, practices, and experiences such as those contained in this book.

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