Marwa Zakaria

Zagazig University

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Pediatric Department, Zagazig University, Egypt. Active member in SIOP, EHA, HAA. Professional training and workshops including; ICH GCP. EHA-master class 2015-2016 and EHA- Bite size master Class 2017-2018, Training from Wilkins-Barrick Society of Neurooncology (SNO) Marrakesh, Morocco, Completion of Pediatric Nutrition course (School of Medicine Boston University 2017). International scholarship and Preceptorship including: Thalassemia (Beirut – Lebanon September 2015). SIOP scholarship 2018. EHA-HOPE scholarship Cairo 2017 and 2018. Guest speaker at numerous international pediatric oncology and hematology meetings. Had over 20 international research publications in The field of Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology & Oncology. Academic editor of online book and author of two online book chapters. Reviewer in international and national peer reviewed journals (Medicine (Baltimore) Intech Open Publisher, Frontiers in Pediatrics, Molecular Medicine Reports, Zagazig University medical journal. Sub-investigator in 6 international Clinical trials.

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Contemporary Pediatric Hematology and Oncology covers many aspects of research and patient management within the area of blood disorders and malignant diseases in children. Blood diseases are a distinctive group of inherited and acquired, benign and malignant, acute and chronic disorders with diverse incidence, etiology, pathogenesis, and prognosis. Of interest are clinical studies as well as basic and translational research reports regarding pathogenesis, genetics, molecular diagnostics, pharmacology, molecular targeting, standard and novel therapies for the most common blood disorders, and childhood cancer. This book intends to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of today's practices and tomorrow's possibilities regarding the most important pediatric hematological and oncological diseases.

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