Sonyel Oflazoglu Dora

Mustafa Kemal University Turkey

Sonyel Oflazoğlu is an assistant professor of Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the Department of Marketing, Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey. She got her MS degree from Mustafa Kemal University, Institute of Social Sciences, Business Administration, and then she worked as a research assistant at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, in 2003. In 2008, she got a fellowship from the European Union to study PhD candidate student as a visiting researcher at Bucks New University, England; she received her PhD degree in 2010. Her research focuses on business networks, qualitative and quantitative research methods, consumer behaviour and entrepreneurship and innovation. She has authored several journal articles and book chapters, which were published through international publishers. Currently Dr. Oflazoğlu is involved in several research projects on social sciences.

Sonyel Oflazoglu Dora

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This book on marketing continues to reflect our firm belief that the Wheel of Consumer Analysis is a powerful tool not only for organizing consumer behaviour knowledge but also for understanding consumers and for guiding the development of successful marketing strategies. In fact, it has been used by marketing consultants and practitioners to do so. The various chapters presented here follow several approaches, which researchers can explore in different contexts. This book intends to contribute to a better understanding of the application areas of marketing strategies and shows how these business practices in social sciences can stimulate various topics.

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