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Şenay Sabah is an assistant professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Ankara University, Turkey. She has an MBA and Ph.D. degree from Ankara University in Marketing. She teaches macro-marketing, principles of marketing, marketing management, and marketing research. Her research also involves studies on cities and tourism related marketing phenomena. Identity, fandom, memory and self-related consumer research, materialistic consumption, consumption behavior of football fans, narcissism related consumption, need/desire discussion and its relevance to consumption, disposal and cognition are among her research interest. She has several conference proceedings, book chapters and other papers on these issues.

Senay Sabah

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No time in the history, consumption is considered to be as important as in today's world. It defines who we are, how well/perfect we perform our multiroles within the society (buying the most expensive clothes means being the best mom for instances), what symbolic meanings we attribute to our belongings, and how rich/clever/fashion conscious or innovative we are. Due to multidisciplinary and multimethod character of the concept of consumer behavior, it is appropriate to study it accordingly in order to understand the subject with its different aspects and holistically. Especially with the cultural, social, and technological changes within today's world, this issue becomes prominent. This book is a modest try for that end.

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