Martha Peaslee Levine

Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Dr. Levine is an associate professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Humanities at the Penn State College of Medicine. She teaches Humanities to students through all 4 years of their medical training on communication, journaling and the doctor-patient relationship. Through her work within the field of eating disorders, she often tackles the way women are viewed and the challenging expectations that they struggle against. She recognizes the importance that trust plays in relationships as individuals struggle with their illnesses or garner supports to fuel their recoveries. She is also Interim Director of the Office of Professional Mental Health. In her work as a psychiatrist, she values the importance of trust and our need to understand how trust can be strengthened or the fallout when it is betrayed. Previously her interests have led her to function as an editor for two different books dealing with Beauty and one that dealt with Interpersonal Relationships. Trust can define our relationships and our view of the world. Dr. Levine welcomes proposals on all topics that intersect with the theme of the Psychology of Trust.

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The authors in this book ask us to consider whether the perception of beauty has been defined by our genetics and culture over the years - has it grown and changed? Do certain neural connections define our emotional reactions to beauty? Does beauty follow any rules or laws? Can the aspiration toward beauty be detrimental? Can we divorce ourselves from dictates and sink into a mindful connection with our internal beauty? Can we move from the superficial where "beauty is only skin deep" to an intense appreciation of beauty in all of its variations. The Perception of Beauty will lead to a deeper understanding and contemplation of nature, art, and the world around us.

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