Gary Matthew Wysin

Kansas State University

Gary Matthew Wysin has been a professor of physics at Kansas State University since 1988. Obtaining degrees in electrical engineering and physics from the University of Toledo, for his master\'s work he analysed an electrodynamics problem at a metal-dielectric boundary, where surface plasmons produce optical bistability. He earned his doctorate from Cornell University, with research on the theory and Monte Carlo and spin-dynamics simulations for magnetic models with solitons and vortices. While at Kansas State University, he has lectured on classical electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, computational physics, statistical physics and introductory physics and astronomy. He has published more than 80 research articles on condensed matter physics, including phase transitions, magnetization reversal, spin waves, solitons and vortices in low-dimensional magnetism and optical effects in dielectrics and metals. He enjoys other activities including wine-making, gardening, hiking, running, fishing, and the applied physics of home remodelling.

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