İlkay Bakırtaş

Istanbul Technical University

Dr. İlkay Bakırtaş is associate professor of applied mathematics at the Department of Mathematical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University (ITU). She received her PhD degree in mechanics in 2003. She has completed her post-doctoral studies in the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. She has published 18 research papers in SCI, 4 book chapters, 19 conference proceedings in the fields of perturbation methods, optical solitons and wave collapse in nonlinear optics and water waves. She is the editor of the book “Perturbation Methods with Applications in Science and Engineering” by INTECH. Dr. Bakırtaş is a member of the Scientific Committee of TUMTMK (Turkish National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics). She was awarded with Dr. Serhat Ozyar, Young Scientist Of The Year Award in 2004, Best PhD Dissertation Award by TUMTMK in 2003.

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The governing equations of mathematical, chemical, biological, mechanical and economical models are often nonlinear and too complex to be solved analytically. Perturbation theory provides effective tools for obtaining approximate analytical solutions to a wide variety of such nonlinear problems, which may include differential or difference equations. In this book, we aim to present the recent developments and applications of the perturbation theory for treating problems in applied mathematics, physics and engineering. The eight chapters cover a variety of topics related to perturbation methods. The book is intended to draw attention of researchers and scientist in academia and industry.

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