Karam Maalawi

National Research Centre

Karam Maalawi is professor of aeronautics and mechanics at the Mechanical Engineering Department, National Research Centre in Cairo, Egypt. He obtained his MSC and PhD degrees in aerospace engineering from Cairo University. His primary research interest is in computer based analysis and design of metal and composite structures. He has published extensively in the field of structural optimization and wind turbine design and performance. He supervised many research projects related to wind energy, in particular, the design and manufacture of composite wind turbine blades. His current research is concerned with the optimal design of functionally graded material beams, aircraft wings and wind turbine blades. Dr. Maalawi is a consultant member of the technical committee of energy management systems at the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality.

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The subject of optimum composite structures is a rapidly evolving field and intensive research and development have taken place in the last few decades. Therefore, this book aims to provide an up-to-date comprehensive overview of the current status in this field to the research community. The contributing authors combine structural analysis, design and optimization basis of composites with a description of the implemented mathematical approaches. Within this framework, each author has dealt with the individual subject as he/she thought appropriate. Each chapter offers detailed information on the related subject of its research with the main objectives of the works carried out as well as providing a comprehensive list of references that should provide a rich platform of research to the field of optimum composite structures.

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