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Karam Maalawi is a Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanics at the Mechanical Engineering Department, Institute of Engineering Research and Renewable Energy, National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. He has published extensively in the field of structural optimization and wind turbine design and performance. Dr. Maalawi has contributed to several research projects regarding aerospace engineering technology, wind turbine structures, and renewable energy applications. For his outstanding contributions to his profession, the National Research Centre has recognized him with two awards for engineering sciences. He has been presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and endorsed by Marquis Who\'s Who as a leader in the aerospace engineering industry.

Karam Maalawi

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Much research is being conducted to develop larger wind turbines, both onshore and offshore, to decarbonize electricity grid systems through the exploitation of wind power. This book presents advances and challenges in the design, manufacture, and operation of wind turbines. The main topics addressed include the basic aspects of wind turbine design, offshore wind industry and floating wind turbines, wind measurement and forecasting models, design and manufacturing of rotor blades, manufacture of power transmission bearings, and challenges in control strategies and computational aerodynamics.

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