Hirobumi Suzuki

Kogakuin University

Dr. Hirobumi Suzuki received his Ph.D. in 1997 from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, where he studied firefly phylogeny and the evolution of mating systems. He is especially interested in the genetic differentiation pattern and speciation process that correlate to the flashing pattern and mating behavior of some fireflies in Japan. He then worked for Olympus Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of optics and imaging products, where he was involved in the development of luminescence technology and produced a bioluminescence microscope that is currently being used for gene expression analysis in chronobiology, neurobiology, and developmental biology. Dr. Suzuki currently serves as a visiting researcher at Kogakuin University, Japan, and also a vice president of the Japan Firefly Society.

Hirobumi Suzuki

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This book contains seven chapters on bioluminescence techniques and organisms. On the technical side, the four chapters presented the fluorescent markers of proteins and nanocrystals, imidazopyrazine-type luciferin that emits light when bound to human serum albumin, firefly luciferin that emits near-infrared light, and imaging technique for visualization of promoter activity in fruiting body formation of cellular slime molds Dictyostelium. On the organismal side, the three chapters presented recommendations for the commercial use of fireflies in urban areas from the perspective of conservation biology, the origin of luciferin by predation in marine luminescent organisms, and the ecology and behavior of luminescent organisms from sea to land, which will be of interest to both professionals and students.

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