Ming Hung

Ming-Chih Hung is a Professor of Geography/GIScience at Northwest Missouri State University. He earned his bachelor degree from National Taiwan University focusing on DEM applications, his MS from the University of Utah focusing on the V-I-S Model and soft classification of TM images, and his Ph.D. also from the University of Utah focusing on remote sensing and GIS on urban areas. His research emphasizes on use of GIScience on urban areas. In addition to urban areas, he is also interested in precision agriculture and environmental issues. At Northwest Missouri State, he teaches courses on remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and cartography.

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Spatial statistics has been widely used in many environmental studies. This book is a collection of recent studies on applying spatial statistics in subjects such as demography, transportation, precision agriculture and ecology. Different subjects require different aspects of spatial statistics. In addition to quantitative statements from statistics and tests, visualization in forms of maps, drawings, and images are provided to illustrate the relationship between data and locations. This book will be valuable to researchers who are interested in applying statistics to spatial data, as well as graduate students who know statistics and want to explore how it can be applied to spatial data. With the processing part being simplified to several mouse clicks by commercial software, one should pay more attention to justification of using spatial statistics, as well as interpretation and assessment of the results. GIScience proves to be a useful tool in visualization of spatial data, and such useful technology should be utilized, as part, for the interpretation and assessment of the results.

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