Sushil Kumar Singh

Banaras Hindu University

Principal Investigator, Development of bioactive molecules as therapeutic agent for Alzheimer’s disease and screening their toxicity; IIT (BHU), Varanasi. Principal Investigator, Design and synthesis is of Matrix Metallo Proteinase (MMP -2 & 9) inhibitors as therapeutic agents for Alzheimer’s disease; DBT, New Delhi. Co- Principal Investigator, Cestocidal activity of glands and hairs of fruits of Mallotus phillippinensis (Kampillaka Plant); ICMR, New Delhi. Principal Investigator, Ethno-medicinal plants as a source of new therapeutic agents against psoriasis; National medicinal Plant Board, AYUSH, New Delhi. Principal Investigator, Isolation of marker compounds from Withania somnifera; Natreon Inc., Kolkata. Principal Investigator, Isolation of marker Compounds from natural Sources; Drug Research and Development Center, Kolkata. One of the Investigators of the Centre, Establishment of facilities for identification, chemical characterization, standardization and quality control of medicinal plants found in tribal area in central India; DST, New Delhi.