Hiroyuki Kagechika

Tokyo Medical and Dental University Japan

Hiroyuki Kagechika received his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Tokyo, Japan, where he served as an associate professor until 2004. He is currently a professor at the Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering (IBB), Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU). From 2010 to 2012, he was the dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Science. Since 2012, he has served as the vice dean of the Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences. He has been the director of the IBB since 2020. Dr. Kagechika’s major research interests are the medicinal chemistry of retinoids, vitamin D/K, and nuclear receptors. He has developed various compounds including a drug for acute promyelocytic leukemia.

Hiroyuki Kagechika

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Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin and a significant hydrophobic signaling molecule, like vitamins A and D. Besides its classical functions as a cofactor of γ-glutamyl carboxylase, which catalyzes the γ-carboxylation of vitamin K-dependent proteins, vitamin K has novel physiological and pharmacological activities that have been elucidated in the past two decades. The discovery of detailed action mechanisms of non-classical activities of vitamin K and the development of novel derivatives with unique structural and biological profiles would improve the understanding of vitamin K functions and clinical applications. This book discusses the biology and chemistry of vitamin K, which is helpful for fundamental and clinical investigations.

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