Alfonso Fernández-Canteli

University of Oviedo Spain

Alfonso Fernández-Canteli, E-mail: Born in Oviedo (Spain), 17/04/45. Professor emeritus of Structural Engineering, Polytechnic School of Engineering, University of Oviedo, Spain. Mech. Engineer from the University of the Basque Country 1970. PhD. in Mech. Engineering from the Polytechnic University Madrid, 1981. Co-editor of 2 conference proceedings, co-author of 1 book in Springer, more than 100 international papers and 100 international conference proceedings. Participation in 40 competitive research projects, 50 industrial research projects and 40 technical reports (related to fatigue, fracture mechanics, modelling, structural pathology, etc.). Director or co-director of 19 Doctoral thesis (3 with European recognition). Current research interest 1. Probabilistic fatigue modelling of metallic materials, glass, concrete and composites, including VHCF 2. Scale effect and test data evaluation based on the generalized local model 3. Three-dimensional fracture mechanics modelling applied to structural design.

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