Paolo Popoli

University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"Italy

Paolo Popoli is a faculty member of Parthenope University of Naples, Italy, where he has been working since 2002 as an associate professor on management. He teaches management, retail management and public services management, and he has also been teaching for several years marketing and international marketing. Dr. Popoli has been a professor also at other prestigious Italian universities, and he has been a visiting fellow at Warwick Business School in England. During the last years, Dr. Popoli has been focusing his research activities on brand management, corporate social responsibility, social innovation and outsourcing. His research activity is centred on qualitative analysis; he is the author of books and numerous papers on peer-reviewed international journals, focused most of all on the conceptual and theoretical aspects of the dealt issues.

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This book is an original, high-quality collection of chapters about highly topical and important brand management issues, and it shows both theoretical and empiric analysis. The 10 selected chapters are referred, with original contents and rigorous research methodologies, to some important challenges the brand management has to face in the current competitive contexts, characterized by the dominance of the intangible resources and the new information and communication technologies. Written by leading academics, this book is dedicated not only to marketing and management scholars but also to students wanting to investigate the knowledge concerning special fields and special brand management themes. As well to the practitioners who can find a wide reference also to the managerial implication from the strategic and operative perspectives.

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