Laura Castro Gómez

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos

Laura Castro Gómez has obtained her Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is a Professor/Researcher in Mechanical Engineering at Morelos State University (UAEM), Mexico. Professor Castro teaches the subjects of Thermodynamics, Fluids Mechanics, and Heat Transfer, among others. She also has expertise in Turbomachinery, Fluid Flows, and Heat Exchangers. She has published 13 papers in scientific journals such as "Energy Procedia", "Advances in Mechanical Engineering", "Engineering Failure Analysis", etc. She also published 4 book chapters and co-edited a book. She is a reviewer for journals such as "International Journal Of Energy Research" and "Heat and Mass Transfer". She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mexican Society of Mechanical Engineering, A.C. (SOMIM).

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Heat exchangers are important devices for engineering, research, and industry. Because of this, any improvement helps to optimize the whole process. Opportunity areas may be found in design, materials, or working fluids. In this sense, the present book compiles some advances in the matter of design (three chapters) and working fluids (one chapter). An introductory chapter also is presented.

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