Dimitrios Vlachakis

Agricultural University of Athens

Dr. Dimitrios Vlachakis is an Assistant Professor at the Genetics Laboratory at the Biotechnology Department of the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. He leads the Genetics and Computational Biology Group and his main scientific interests revolve around the investigation of genetic polymorfisms, genetic variability in viral strains and the in silico drug design of novel antiviral and anticancer agents. To date, Dr. Vlachakis has published more than 90 original research articles in international peer-reviewed journals with impact factor, 100+ articles in international conference proceedings, 5 monograph ISBN books, 2 scientific patents and has been on the receiving end of numerous grants and awards. Since 2012 Dr. Vlachakis has been serving as the Editor in Chief and Associate Editor of relevant international journals.

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The contribution of modern-day genetics in designing efficient gene expression profiles for cancer is immense. The progress of technology and science in recent years provides the opportunity for discovery and application of new techniques for treating various diseases that affect humanity. Methods for finding and analyzing the profile of gene expression of infected cells give scientists the ability to develop more targeted and effective treatments, especially for diseases such as cancer. The development of gene expression profiling is one of the most important achievements in cancer genetics in our time. It is essentially the driving force behind personalized and precision medicine. This book highlights recent developments, applications, and breakthroughs in the field of gene expression profiling in cancer.

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