Sophie Layé

NutriNeuro / INRA / University of Bordeaux / Bordeaux INP

Sophie Layé, PhD, is a research director at the Institut National de la Recherche en Agronomie (INRA), France. She is the acting head of the NutriNeuro Institute (UMR1286 INRA/University of Bordeaux) and co-acting head of the International Associated Laboratory OptiNutriBrain. She is a renowned scientist in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. She was the first to demonstrate that dietary omega-3 impacts on the endocannabinoid system to modulate emotional behaviors. She has authored more than 105 original scientific articles and 14 book chapters. She is reviewer for more than 15 international scientific journals. She has organized more than 30 international congresses and conferences, given more than 110 conferences, and participated in more than 80 press releases in the media. She received the prestigious Scientific Breakthrough Award, Laurier de l’INRA, in 2015.

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