Rintaro Ono

National Museum of Ethnology

Dr. Rintaro Ono is currently Associate Professor at National Museum of Ethnology, Japan. He majored in Maritime Archaeology in Asia (mainly in Southeast Asia) and Oceania and his interests include human maritime and island adaptation. He had Ph.D. (Southeast Asian Studies) from Sophia University, Japan in 2006 and worked at the Australian National University as post doctoral fellow (2008-2010) and Tokai University as full-time scholar (2010-2019). He is the author of two books (in Japanese) and co-editor of several vooks both in English and Japanese including 'Prehistoric Marine Resource Use in the Indo-Pacific Regions'. His major articles are: Early Metal Age interactions in Island Southeast Asia and Oceania- jar burials from Aru Manara, northern Moluccas (Antiquity 92 (364):1023-1039, 2018), Pelagic Fishing at 42,000 Years Before the Present and the Maritime Skills of Modern Humans (Science 334:1117-1121, 2011), and Changing marine exploitation during the late Pleistocene in northern Wallacea: Shellfish remains from Leang Sarru rockshelter in Talaud Islands (Asian Perspectives 48 (2): 318-341, 2009).

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