Bipin Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Dr. Bipin Kumar graduated from The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, with a Ph.D. in Textile Engineering in 2013. Currently, he is appointed as Assistant Professor in The Department of Textile Technology at IIT Delhi, India. Prior to joining IIT Delhi, he was working as Research Assistant Professor (2016-2017) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. He also served as a cultural ambassador (2014-2016) in USA at The University of California Davis via the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship program. He is the first recipient from India to be selected for the Fulbright Postdoctoral Program (2013) in the field of textiles. His main research focuses on smart fibrous/polymeric materials and related fabric structures. He has over 30 publications in leading refereed SCI journals of materials, textiles and medical fields, 2 patents, 2 authored books, 10 book chapters, and over 20 conference proceedings. He holds editorial membership of 3 international referred journals including JEFF, FTEE and CTFTTE. His unique experience and publications in medical compression research (e.g. bandage, stocking) have been well acknowledged among his peers. For his contribution to the field, he is awarded an ACP outstanding material scientist from the American College of Phlebology in the field of Phlebology. Additionally, he is associated with several medical professional societies including American College of Phlebology (ACP), USA, and International Compression Club (ICC), Austria. With his research outcomes and achievements in textiles, he was selected as a member of the advisory council of the Techtextil North America Symposium 2016, a major professional platform focusing on the latest technological development and international industry trends in textiles. Currently, he is engaged in research and development of functional textiles for several engineering and medical applications. Major efforts are underway to commercialize these innovations for various innovative fabric products.

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This book presents a global view of the development and applications of technical textiles with the description of materials, structures, properties, characterizations, functions and relevant production technologies, case studies, challenges, and opportunities. Technical textile is a transformative research area, dealing with the creation and studies of new generations of textiles that hoist many new scientific and technological challenges that have never been encountered before. The book emphasizes more on the principles of textile science and technology to provide solutions to several engineering problems. All chapter topics are exclusive and selectively chosen and designed, and they are extensively explored by different authors having specific knowledge in each area.

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