Alessandro Cunsolo

Brookhaven National Laboratory

With over two decades of professional experience to his credit, Dr. Alessandro Cunsolo is currently a physicist at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. He has held this position since 2015, and has been with Brookhaven since 2009, when he began working there as an associate scientist. Previously, Dr. Cunsolo had been a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, the National Institute for the Physics of Matter (Now the National Counsel for Research), the University of L’Aquila, and the University of Roma III. He has also spent some time teaching, and held an adjunct professorship at the Stony Brook University from 2011 to 2013. Dr. Cunsolo received a PhD in physics from Joseph Fourier University in 1999. Since then he has gone on to accomplish a great deal in the field. He is an expert in high resolution spectrometry, and in his time at Brookhaven Laboratory was responsible for the construction of a spectrometer there. He is in charge of the science behind it, and has worked hard to help build a community of users around it. He has contributed a number of articles to professional journals, and is a former member of the American Physical Society. He has been featured in Who’s Who in America, appearing in the 65th edition of the publication.

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