Nevin Çankaya

Usak UniversityTurkey

She is associated with Usak University since 2011. She received her PhD, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees from Fırat University, Turkey. She is an expert in polymer composite science, working with bio-nanocomposites, polymeric materials, and polymer-clay composites. She has published over 20 scientific articles, over 30 conference papers, a book chapter entitled “Cellulose Grafting by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Method,” Cellulose - Fundamental Aspects and Current Trends, another book edited by InTech Publication. Also, she has been a manager and researcher in many research projects. The editor is married and is a mother of two.

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Summary-Book Contents: Your purpose of reading this book is to concentrate on recent developments on elastomers. The articles collected in this book are contributions by invited researchers with a long-standing experience in different research areas. I hope that the material presented here is understandable to a broad audience, not only scientists but also people with many different disciplines. The book contains eleven chapters in two sections: (1) "Mechanical Properties of Elastomers" and (2) "Elastomers for Natural and Medical Applications." The book provides detailed and current reviews in these different areas written by experts in their respective fields. This book will be useful for polymer workers and other scientists alike and will contribute to the training of current and future researchers, academics, PhD students, and other scientists.

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