Maria Agnello

University of Palermo Italy

She graduated in Biological Sciences that enabled to the profession of biologist in 2001; in 2005, she achieved the qualification of laboratory technologist and in 2006 the PhD degree in Cellular and Developmental Biology. From 2006 to 2010, she was a research fellow at the current Department STEBICEF of Palermo University, and from 2010 to 2017, she was an adjunct professor of Developmental Biology for the degree course of Biological Sciences. She was an associated research fellow for the SZN of Naples since 2016; in the current year, she achieved the enablement to associate professor for the “Comparative Anatomy and Cytology” sector. Her research activity, focused on stress response, apoptosis, autophagy and mitochondria in embryos and oocytes of sea urchin, has led to several publications on international scientific journals.

Maria Agnello

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This book is addressed to the readers operating in the sea urchin field of research, as well as to the lovers of this fascinating organism. Sea urchin, among the most known marine invertebrates belonging to the deuterostomes, is more closely related to humans than other invertebrates, thus representing a suitable model system not only for developmental biology and ecotoxicology but also for biomedicine. The topics described highlight the validity and versatility of this organism for different kinds of investigations. A collection of interesting chapters contributes to this volume and clearly shows the reason of the high interest manifested by a huge number of scientists around the world for this organism over time. Each contribution is a separate and comprehensive chapter but within the book's aim.

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