José Fernando Alves Da Silva

J. Fernando A. Silva, born in Monção Portugal in 1956, received the Dipl. Ing. in Electrical Engineering (1980), the Doctor Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Power Electronics and Control) in 1990 and the Aggregation (habilitation degree) in 2002, from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (UTL), Lisbon, Portugal. He is currently Associate Professor of Power Electronics at IST, teaching: - Power Electronics (MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering - EEC); - Energy Systems for Telecommunications (MSc in EEC); - Switching Power Processing (PhD in EEC course); - Power Electronics Systems (PhD in EEC course) - Electrical Power Quality (QEE), ISEL, MSc in Electrical Engineering; He is a senior researcher at Cie3 and IEEE Senior member. His main interests include power semiconductor devices, modeling and simulation, new converter topologies, sliding mode predictive and fuzzy control of power converters, and power quality applications of power converters. He has supervised 7 PhD Thesis, 27 MSc Thesis and 31 Final year Projects, in subjects like multilevel converters, matrix converters, unity power factor rectifiers, fuzzy control of converter drives, UPFC, STATCOM. He is currently supervising 3 Ph.D. Thesis and 7 MSc Thesis on related subjects.

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