Sajal Ray

University of Calcutta

Sajal Ray received his MSc and MPhil degrees in Zoology and Environmental Science, respectively, from Calcutta University and was awarded his PhD from Jadavpur University. As an awardee of a Fogarty Visiting Fellowship, Dr. Ray carried out his postdoctoral research into cardiac pathology at the National Institutes of Health, Maryland, USA. His research interest is studying the immunological responses of mollusks, sponges, crabs, and earthworms exposed to common and emerging pollutants. His team is engaged in understanding the evolutionary mechanism of immunity in phylogeny. He presented his research to the World Congress of Malacology at Washington, DC. Dr. Ray, currently a professor of zoology at Calcutta University, has been teaching zoology for nearly 30 years at postgraduate level.

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The book with two sections represents the current trend of research in basic and applied malacology. In the section "Organismal Malacology", high-impact articles were contributed in the frontier areas of taxonomy, ecology and aquaculture of molluscs. Importance of mussel in water quality monitoring was highlighted. Biology and conservation of keystone molluscs were discussed from organismal point of view. "Cellular and Molecular Biology" section contains informative chapters on toxin-induced differential gene expression, spatiotemporal neural activity in olfactory processing in slug and immunity of hydrothermal vent molluscs. Biochemistry of cellulose degradation, lipid profile and C-reactive protein were elucidated in detail in separate chapters. This book represents a rich source of malacological information for the scientists, teachers and students.

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