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University of Calcutta

Sajal Ray received an MSc in Zoology and MPhil in Environmental Science from Calcutta University, India, and a Ph.D. from Jadavpur University, India. His thesis reported the immunotoxicity of pesticides in an economically important snail of India. As a recipient of the Fogarty Visiting Fellowship, Dr. Ray carried out his postdoctoral research in cardiac pathology at the National Institutes of Health, USA. His research interest is studying the immunological responses of molluscs, sponges, crabs, and earthworms exposed to pollutants. His team is engaged in understanding the evolutionary mechanism of immunity in phylogeny. He has presented his research at various conferences including the World Congress of Malacology, Washington DC. Dr. Ray is currently a Professor of Zoology at Calcutta University.

Sajal Ray

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Update on Malacology is a compilation of high-impact research articles on the frontier areas of molluscan biology, physiology, aquaculture, and paleoecology. Topics covered include effects of dietary intake of shellfish in humans, beneficial effects of herbal compounds on the cognitive ability of molluscs, seasonal variation of molluscs acting as intermediate hosts of human parasites, current understanding of freshwater pearl culture, and the role of environmental parameters on the infectivity of freshwater snails and their paleoecological aspects. This book is an enriched edition of current trends of malacological research and is a useful resource for students, teachers, and researchers working in basic and applied malacology.

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