Yue Zhang

Yue Zhang. PHD, Professor, vice-president of University of Science and Technology Beijing. He has been awarded the financial support for outstanding young scientist foundation of China and cross century excellent talent training project of the Ministry of Education of China, excellent paper award from project supported by NSFC for the first time, young subject leader of high education in Beijing, and hold government subsidies from the State Council of China. Since he started carried in research and education, he is responsible and participated more than 30 major research projects from the state and provincial governments. His research field includes the nanotaterials and nanodevices, nano-scaled functional thin films and nano-scaled dielectric ceramics, computational materials and environment materials, etc. He have achieved first class award for National Science in National Science and Technology award nominated by the MOE, two times first class award and two times second class awards of the progress in science and technology from the MOE, two times awards for progress in science and technology from the Ministry of Metallurgy Industry, second class award for progress in science and technology from the Beijing Government. First class awards from achievement in education from the Beijing government. He published more than 300 papers in the recent 10 years, more than 180 papers were cited by SCI and EI, and more than 1000 times cited by others, nearly 190 times for a single paper in five years. He co-authorized 7 books, he applied over 20 patents, and approval over 10 patents. He is a member of the editorial board of 4 journals. His most recent research focuses on 1D zinc oxide nanomaterials, in-situ techniques for nano-scale measurements, self-assembly nanostructures, fabrication of nano devices.

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