Eduardo Jacob-Lopes

Federal University of Santa Maria

Prof. Eduardo Jacob-Lopes is currently associate professor at the Department of Food Technology and Science, Federal University of Santa Maria. He has more than 15 years of teaching and research experience. He is a technical and scientific consultant of several companies, agencies, and scientific journals. He has 450 publications/communications, which include 8 books, 28 book chapters, 80 original research papers, 350 research communications in international and national conferences, and has registered 15 patents. His research interest includes environmental biotechnology with emphasis on microalgal biotechnology.

5books edited

5chapters authored

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Biomass presents an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the possibilities for production and use of biomasses of agricultural and industrial importance. Issues related to environment, food, chemicals and energy present serious challenges to the success and stability of nations. The challenge to provide commodities to a rapidly increasing global population has made it imperative to find new technological routes to increase production of consumables while also considering the biospheres ability to regenerate resources. Plant and microbial biomasses are bioresources that may provide solutions to these critical challenges. Divided into five discreet parts, the book covers topics on production of unconventional biomasses and improving of conventional cultures, summarizing a range of useful products derived by biomass. This book provides an insight into future developments in each field and extensive bibliography. It will be an essential resource for researchers and academic and industry professionals in the life sciences.

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