Cristina M. Conceição Pinheiro

University of Évora Portugal

Cristina Maria dos Santos Conceição Pinheiro: PhD in Animal Science from the University of Évora. It is since 2002 Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Science, University of Évora. Is Researcher at Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (ICAAM/UE) , and research in . Member of the Commission Zootecnica Engineering (Animal Science) master\'s course and member of the commission of veterinary medicine master\'s course in from the University of Évora. The teaching and research activities are mainly related to the subjects of milk production and dairy processing . Carried out the doctoral thesis in the area of production and processing of milk \Contribution to the characterization of the produced sheep\'s cheese in Évora region: chemical, biochemical characteristics of milk obtained in different production systems and physical-chemical, biochemical, technological and organoleptic cheese” \under the supervision of Dr. Jeam M. Banks (Hannah Reserach Institute / Sctoland). As a result and following the skills acquired during the doctoral period has been involved in research projects with the aim of contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the area of the factors affecting the characteristics of milk and dairy products, specifically (1) evaluation and identification of specific markers / authenticity and animal welfare in dairy animal production systems as well as identification of specific markers / authenticity of dairy products, specifically milk and cheese. Applies and develops new methods of instrumental, sensory and statistical analysis on milk and milk products. It is responsible for tasting panel of Évora cheese. Member of annual forum of Portuguese cheese tasters ( BEST CHEESE OF THE YEAR) . Participates in the technical advice of the CERTIS - Inspection and certification Lda. It is a member of COST ACTION FA1308- Dairy Care ( Participated in several projects in animal and food science, human and animal taste sensitivity

Cristina M.  Conceição Pinheiro

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