Md Asaduzzaman

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute

Dr. Asaduzzaman is a native of Bangladesh and received Ph.D. majoring Bioproduction Science from Tottori University, Japan. He has expertise in hydroponic crop production and currently working at Horticulture Research Centre, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Bangladesh. His main research focuses on the development of hydroponic techniques for fruits, vegetables and ornamentals in greenhouse, production of specialty crops under controlled environment agriculture and development of specialty dietary components through hydroponic production of vegetables providing human health benefits beyond basic nutrition. His other research project includes studying the autotoxicity, a phenomenon of intraspecific allelopathy in vegetables and ornamentals through hydroponics, and developing suitable control measures to overcome. He has published 24 journal articles and 4 book chapters in international SCI-indexed journals and books. He has been awarded Gold Medal from Bangladesh Agricultural University in 2011 and BAS-TWAS 2016 Prizes for the Young Scientists from Bangladesh.

3books edited

4chapters authored

Latest work with IntechOpen by Md Asaduzzaman

The book Vegetables - Importance of Quality Vegetables to Human Health provides useful and interesting information on the nutritional qualities of different vegetables and their roles in disease prevention. Quality vegetable production through hydroponic cultivation techniques is also included. The first few chapters discuss the importance of quality vegetables to human diet and health, and noncommunicable disease prevention. Nutritional qualities and bioactive compounds in freshly grown vegetables through hydroponics and soilless cultures are discussed in the middle part of the book. The final chapter describes methods of sea vegetable utilization in food formulation. This book mainly focuses on the nutritional quality of vegetables and disease prevention, their production methods, preparation, and cooking methods, making it a complete and useful resource to readers.

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