Ricardo Loiola Edvan

Universidade Federal do PiauíBrazil

Dr. Ricardo Loiola Edvan is a doctor in Animal Science from the Federal University of Ceará (2013). He has a master’s degree in Animal Production from the Federal University of Paraíba (2010), with specialization in Agroecology from the Federal University of Paraíba (2008), and is a graduate in Agronomic Engineering from the Federal University of Ceará (2006). Currently, he is a professor of Animal Production, Agronomy, and Veterinary Medicine of the Federal University of Piauí acting in the area of forage and grassland and a professor of postgraduate programs in Animal Science. He is a professor who coordinates and participates in research and extension projects, articulated with public and private institutions.

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In livestock management, the production of forage plants is undoubtedly the most efficient way to produce products of animal origin with quality and economic viability. We hope that the readers of the book "New Perspectives in Forage Crops" will have a good reading and appreciate the information provided on forage production, since the book draws on the expertise of different specialists of the area, who discuss the following aspects: fertilization, semiarid region production, forage species selection, nitrogen fixation, grasses, legumes, cacti, drought, etc. The authors of the book are of different nationalities and provide important information and diverse perspectives on the subject of forage farming.

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