Margarita Stoytcheva

Autonomous University of Baja California, Engineering Institute

Prof. Margarita Stoytcheva has graduated from the University of Chemical Technologies and Metallurgy of Sofia, Bulgaria with titles of Chemical Engineer and Master of Electrochemical technologies. She has PhD and DSc degrees in Chemistry and Technical Sciences. She has participated in research and teaching in several universities in Bulgaria, Algeria, and France. From 2006 to the present, she has participated in activities of scientific research, technological development, and teaching at the Autonomous University of Baja California at Mexicali, Mexico, as a full-time researcher. Since 2008, she has been a member of the National System of Researches of Mexico, and since 2011 she has been a regular member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. Her interests and area of research are analytical electrochemistry and biotechnology.

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The necessity of on-site, fast, sensitive, and cheap complex laboratory analysis, associated with the advances in the microfabrication technologies and the microfluidics, made it possible for the creation of the innovative device lab-on-a-chip (LOC), by which we would be able to scale a single or multiple laboratory processes down to a chip format. The present book is dedicated to the LOC devices from two points of view: LOC fabrication and LOC application.

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